Benefits of engaging a CMCF Coach

A professional CMCF coach is able to work with youths and parents to unleash their champion potential through a process of facilitation, communication and support.

Coaching helps youths to build new perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. In the process, youths will learn to be resilient and self-reliant when faced with challenges.

Additionally, our network of CMCF coaches is able to provide clients with:

Peer Coaching Opportunities

Despite best intentions, parents can sometime find it challenging to coach their own children. CMCF can help liaise their certified coaches with relevant and experienced coaches to cross-coach their teenagers, thus enhancing the mutual trust and effectiveness of the CMCF coaching fraternity.

Coaching through Theatre

CMCF coaches understand the power of self-awareness and self-becoming after their training on the Craft of Theatre. This unique tool of self-empowerment helps teens to imagine, visualize and role play their own challenges and in the process become stronger mentally, emotionally and socially. The CMCF coach is able to bring out their inner filters, motivators and core values through theatrical scenarios and consequently allow clients to surface their own solutions with greater power and clarity.

Champion Mindset

CMCF coaches are trained to bring out the Champion Mindset in each teen and parent. They do so by leading clients to understand and celebrate their uniqueness, challenge conventional wisdom and overcome adversity and failure. These are attributes that every champion parent and child should cherish.