The Champion Mindset Coach Training Program

The Champion Mindset Coach Training Program, targeted at parents of young children and teenagers, consists of 3 Modules:

Module 1 (One full weekend) 8 hours

Module 1 focuses on the fundamentals of grooming a Champion Mindset in an individual, how we can get in tune with your children’s world and effectively communicate with them as a parenting-coach. Participants will learn:

  • Elements of the Champion Mindset and how it is critical to success
  • How to connect with your child at the heart level and effectively communicate with them
  • How to coach your children through powerful questioning, reflective listening as well as help them make the right choices in their daily habits
  • Understand your children’s emotional mind and how coaching can help them manage their emotions well

Module 2 (2 full weekends) 16 hours

Module 2 goes in depth into the inner psyche and neuroscience of the teen brain and teaches conflict resolution. A unique part of this module is the Craft of Theatre as a tool to powerful coaching. Participants will learn:

  • Why and how teens think and act the way they do and how to parent them well
  • How to manage and resolve conflictual situations with their teen
  • Experiential coaching strategies through the Craft of Theatre

Who should consider becoming a Champion Mindset Coach?

  • Individuals who are passionate about impacting positive changes to others, in particular pre-teens to teenagers and their parents
  • Individuals, Educators or Parents who want to be equipped with powerful coaching skillsets to bring out the champion potential in the people they work with
  • Counsellors, coaches in other fields or social workers who work with teenagers and want to make a unique difference in their lives
  • MindChamps Education Advisors who wish to enhance their coaching and motivational skills as part of their career and educational growth

If you understand that growth and change is inevitable and you have a big dream to fulfill, or you just want to move on to the next level on your journey, the Champion Mindset Coach Training/Certification Program might be exactly what you have been looking for!