Welcome Message

The mindset, not any particular skill, is the key to true championship

May I take this moment to congratulate you as a member of the Champion Mindset Coaching Federation. In completing the Modules of the Champion Mindset Coach Training or Certification Programs, you have begun a new page in your parenting-coaching journey.

After your learning of these cutting-edge Programs, you will be able to transform the knowledge into practical strategies for achieving the Champion Mindset on your young people you work with.

Life today is demanding, but with your newfound champion mindset through this training, those same demands are nothing more than catalysts for greatness in you and your clients. Finally, as an accredited Champion Mindset Coach with Champion Mindset Coaching Federation, you can now work in partnership with parents and open up a new world of achievement for all young people through your valuable coaching skills.

May all your champion endeavours to build a Home Nation in Singapore become a beautiful reality.

- Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder FRS,
Founder of the Centre for the Mind (University of Sydney)

Message from MindChamps Founder and Group CEO

MindChamps' Champion Mindset Coach Certification Program is the only coaching program based on the work of Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder (acknowledged as the father of research into the Champion Mindset). As the only organisation chosen to work directly with Professor Emeritus Snyder, we are the experts at turning his cutting-edge research into practical and effective strategies for developing the Champion Mindset in all children.

I am proud and touched by your courage to embark on your new parenting-coaching journey in completing the Modules of this powerful Program. This is no small effort, as parents are busy today and it takes time, effort and most poignantly, unconditional love on your parts to want to be a better parent – to be a better coach.

And because of your champion mindset, there is no longer any need for parents to feel alone and overwhelmed, when guiding their children in the development of values and mindset, and teaching them to deal with everyday challenges such as self-esteem and peer-pressure issues. Furthermore, an accredited Champion Mindset Coach with the Champion Mindset Coaching Federation is a Professional Parenting Partner, who can help prepare any child for success – and, importantly, help to build a strong and resilient relationship between parents and child, both before and during the difficult teenage years.

- David Chiem,
MindChamps Founder and Group CEO