Champion Mindset Coaching FAQs

A) What ages are appropriate for CM Coaching?

  • From 10 years of age onwards

B) How long does coaching run?

  • Recommendation is for a minimum of four to twelve sessions in our coaching process, in order to make lasting changes.

C) Where does the coaching occur?

  • Based on Parental preference, coaching can take place via telephone, Skype, in person. If the coach is asked to travel to meet with a client, travel time is charged as professional time, at the discretion of the coach.

D) What’s coaching like?

  • Coaching sessions are informal and relaxed. However, accountability will always be placed on the client.

E) Is there homework in preparation for coaching?

  • Yes, as homework builds the foundation for the next meeting.

F) What is the homework about?

  • The homework is about the youth’s performance in life and to look at the results and how they produce them.

Questions from parents

G) Do parents observe or supervise the coaching?

  • The coaching environment should be treated respectively as clients need to feel free to talk. Outside influences may disrupt the feeling of safety. Confidentiality is a must unless legal requirements regarding the client must be adhered to.

H) What if I have some questions for the coach?

  • We are happy to answer any and all questions that parents might have leading up to, during or after the completion coaching. Accessible by email or phone, and indeed the best answers come from the child themselves.

I) What will my child learn from Champion Mindset Coaching?

  • We help the child to discover the champion inside of them. It may be how to play with their siblings, respecting their parents, how to do their homework more efficiently. Health issues etc. Overall though we drive for the understanding that life can be fun, in essence a change in their mindset.

J) How do I know if coaching is right for my teen? What have other participants said?

K) How will we as parents benefit from out teen participating in MC Life Coaching

  • Relationships between parents and child can be a challenge. We can work with your kids, to know themselves and help design the type of lives for themselves which they can be proud of. It’s also about the type of relationship with you and with others.
  • Having said that, it’s critical that to ensure the kids can keep on developing, that parents ‘know themselves’ as well. The more you know about yourself and recognize your own shortcomings and how to address them… the more your kids will respect you. You might not be able to prevent them from falling into the same traps as you did when you were that age, but, you can be there for them, and be someone they want to talk to.

L) How is teen coaching different from the adult course?

  • Concepts and methodology the same, but more youth orientated.

M) What’s the difference between therapy and Life Coaching

  • Both have their individual places, they overlap in goals, but they are not the same kind of experiences. Therapists often focus on understanding your past, your feelings and your behaviours. (*cognitive behavioural therapies) Coaching is more action orientated, it emphasizes action. It helps with empowerment and an action plan.
  • We have the most success with already healthy people who want to be happier in life. We cannot treat illness. We work best with people who are already healthy but are struggling to be successful or happy in one or more areas of their lives. Our work is philosophical and action oriented. People who want to make significant changes in their lives enjoy the challenge of coaching. People who are in emotional crises or dealing with mental illness or depression often find more comfort in therapy. We cannot prescribe medication.
  • If we do what we always do, we get what we always get – we look at changing the action to obtain a different outcome.

Questions from Teens

N) What will I learn from life coaching?

  • We want to help you work things out, introduce you to the Champion Mindset, and a number of other techniques to help build your confidence. If you have lost your way we want to help give your life direction, challenge the negative mindset and help you start being the person you really want to be.

There will be lots of things to learn, for example:

  • How do you deal with authority
  • How do you stop watching life go by and start winning
  • How do you manage your parents, your dating and your fears
  • How do you get past your fears
  • How to be able to want and get things = power
  • How to find your talent, develop and chase big dreams and goals
  • How to cope with your siblings
  • How to figure out what’s behind your insecurities
  • How to like yourself and enjoy life


… is key to the relationship with your coach. We do not discuss your private stuff, however if we believe you might hurt yourself or someone else. Then we’ll get you the help you need to stay safe.