Your Professional Parenting Partners

Mr David Chiem

  • Master coach and trainer, having pioneered a unique approach integrating theatrical techniques with Champion Mindset strategies for adults and youths.
  • Author of best-selling parenting books Deeper than the Ocean and The Art of Communicating with Your Child
  • Founded the Home Nation Movement in 2007 to equip parents, the leaders of the home nation, with the Champion Parenting Mindset
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Mr Brian Caswell

  • Internationally-acclaimed author of more than 200 books covering children’s literature, educational philosophies and parenting, many of which have won him literary awards
  • Highly respected educationist with over thirty-five years’ experience in the areas of public and private education
  • Established speaker and literary consultant for the past three decades
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Ms Angie Toh

  • Internationally accredited transformation coach
  • Former Head of Coach Certification Training for a global coaching school
  • Facilitates parenting, stress management and personal effectiveness workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India
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Mr Greg Parker

  • Accredited and highly qualified Corporate Trainer with over 17 years extensive training experience in Australia and South-East Asia
  • Researcher and developer of Corporate Training programs
  • Theatre Writer, Director, Professional Stage and Screen Actor in Australia
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Mr Raymond Koh

  • Certified Parent-Education Leadership Trainer, Swinburne University, Australia
  • A Living Values Educator/ Train-the-trainer by Living Values Education Program (LVEP)
  • Co-founder of the Centre for Fathering Singapore, awarded the Best New Initiative by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, 2000
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